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Cottage Style Breakfast Nook

About 2 weeks ago I woke-up, took one look around my house and decided it was time for a major change.  We’ve lived here for 12 years and the last two of our three children will be moving out shortly.  I love my home.  There is no way I’m  “downsizing”.

We’ve slowly begun to replace the appliances and I guess we’ll eventually install new counters.

This is our breakfast nook and breakfast bar  – without the beautiful decor!

I pretty much love the drapes and the window seats and I will definitely be duplicating that look!

 Not sure about the little stools.  A little to girly for my hubby to take.

Cottage Style Guest Room

My daughter moves out March 1st so converting her room to a guest room is at the top of the list.  Love this look!

Now I’m off to search for some dining room ideas!

Until next time,