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My youngest daughter moved out a few months ago and I think I am finally ready to turn her room into a little “Hen Den”.  My son came up with the name.  He believes that if my husband can have a man cave, mom should have a special place to escape too as well. I don’t think he realizes that when we escape, it’s usually from him and the gang of his friends that invade our family room.

I’m not thrilled with the the name he came up with, but I do have a sense of humor. I can picture a little box of seed hanging right outside the door – the kind you see at the petting zoo? Perfect place for some friends to hang-out for a girls-night-in.  The question is, where in the world do I begin?

Just look at these walls!  Re-painting them means removing her artwork forever; but there is no way I am living with red walls.  I have a softer, vintage, shabby-chic look in mind.

I’ve started to collect photos of things that catch my eye.  Overstuffed chairs, a daybed that has a trundle for out of town guests, a flat screen TV, lots of shelves to display all my stuff, a crystal chandelier and a pretty throw rug.

I might add a round, glass top table with a coordinating fabric skirt, and a small coffee table that I can use to spread out my favorite magazines and books.

The berber carpet has been on the floor since we built the house. It is simply hideous.  I love the feel of thick, plush carpet and I am pretty sure I am going to replace what is there rather than add wood floors.  Assuming that ripping the carpet out is the first place to start, that will be the first thing I tackle this week!

I could really use some help on what to do with the closet?  I don’t need it to store clothes and I am at a complete loss as to what to do with it. So much for creativity…

I am leaning towards soft pinks, whites and greens for the color scheme, with a chair rail going around the center of the room. Billowing curtains, fluffy pillows, yummy scented candles and a big DO NOT DISTURB sign for the door.  Curling up with a hot cup of tea and a good book or a chick-flick sounds heavenly.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for how to transform this  12′ x 12′ room into a beautiful Hen Den, please comment.


Until next time…