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I just got back to N.C. after a quick trip home to check on my business and my kids. With the entire weekend ahead, and all of my work caught up, I am so looking forward to spending all of my time creating!

Despite the fact that my favorite thing in life is to be in my studio designing, stamping, scraping and playing, I am forever getting the “guilts”.  It’s very hard for me to devote time to myself. And to do it for an entire weekend?  I’ll probably need to be medicated.

Anyway, I just got in the huge order I was waiting for, and I am just itching to get started.  The fabrics, colors and papers are breathtaking. I’ve got Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving AND Christmas themes, and no clue where to begin. I guess I will just sit down and see what moves or inspires me, and get started!

What moves you? What inspires you to create? How do you choose where to begin?  Do you get the guilts too?  Have a great weekend everyone, and for all of you along the East coast, stay safe!