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Turning Moments Into Memories I usually don’t make New Year’s resolutions for the simple fact, that like most people, I never keep them.

 This year I didn’t make any kind of resolution “out loud”, but I did secretly vow that I would try to get up an hour earlier each day.  I had no particular reason for deciding to do this.  I certainly didn’t plan on running around the block every morning or God forbid, going to the gym before noon.

So, for the past two weeks I’ve actually been able to do it. I’m up every day around 5:30 or 6:00, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised that I actually love this time. I let my sleepy dogs out, make some coffee and then just sit and enjoy the quiet.,

The other day I was a little more “alert and oriented”, as we say in my business. This time as I sat there, I paid close attention to how the sun came up, and as the minutes passed how its light constantly changed the beautiful colors of the sky. Whether it was crystal clear, or whether a dark cloud that looked ready to burst floated by, the absolute beauty remained unchanged.

I guess you could say I had an aha moment. I remember thinking to myself that just like the sky, I had the ability to have a beautiful day too, despite how many things might change throughout my day.  I reminded myself that for me, it’s really all about remembering just a few things, and keeping a few others in perspective:

  • It’s about remembering that throughout the day, I can’t control what people say or what people do, just how I chose to react to them.  
  • That sometimes it’s just easier to let it go. If I ask myself the question, “Is this really going to matter tomorrow”?  The answer is usually “no”.
  • When I project positivity, the people around me are as equally affected as when I project negativity.  I choose to be positive.
  • My in-box will never be empty. There will always be something more that I want to do. It’s okay to save something for tomorrow.
  • Kindness matters
  • A smile goes a long way

Turning Moments Into Memories Anyway, I started my day and made it a good one. It was easy. And at the end of the day, I’d like to think that the beautiful sunset I got to enjoy, this time with a cold glass of wine, was my reward.




Until next time,