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I am not a big apple eater.  I prefer berries; but the smell of these apples literally stopped me in my tracks.  At first I thought maybe they were those fake, plastic apples and I’d find a Yankee Candle Plug-in right behind the crate.

Nope, they were real and they smelled sooooo good that when I got home I actually got online and began looking for recipes.  Apple pie, apple cobbler, apple tart, apple turnovers, apple fritters, apple cheesecake, apple muffins, and then I saw it! A Double Apple Mojito!

Now THAT sounded good. Best of all, the recipe says that the prep time is just 2 minutes and the list of ingredients makes my mouth water. So tomorrow, instead of a nice cold beer or glass of wine, I’m gonna give this recipe a try!  Cheers!