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Stampin' Up My Digital Studio - mds2

Stampin' Up! My Digital Studio 2 - mds2Use My Digital Studio to design and print cards, photobooks, calendars, and more. We’ve got you covered with top-line software, digital content to die for, and professional print products for the final touch.

Just some of the things to love about My Digital Studio:

  • A software with more features than the mainstream card/photobook companies, but not as complicated as the stuff the pros use; you can make your projects be what you want, but you don’t have to go to design school to do it.
  • Exclusive digital content that those other companies don’t have. Combine that with your own twist, and your projects are as unique as you.
  • Impressive print products that will wow your friends and family.

Get started with MDS 2, our newest software with new design tools to die for. Download the FREE 30-day trial.

TRY MDS2 FOR FREE.  With the FREE trial, you’ll get:
  • Full access to the MDS2 software at NO COST for 30 days.
  • Full design functionality.
  • View included content here.
  • Opportunity to purchase additional downloads from designer templates to stamp brush sets–and everything in between.
  • Access to our professional print services.

MDS 2 includes:
  • Full software
  • Some functional content including a few punches, card stock, and photo layouts.  See included content here
  • Download (item 130644) or Disc—coming soon (item 130645)
  • Mac and Windows compatible

MDS2+ includes:
  • Full software
  • Over $500 of digital content.  See included content here.
  • Download (item 130646) or Disc–coming soon (item 130647)
  • Mac and Windows compatible

MDS2 Upgrade: 

Already have the original My Digital Studio?   Get all the new features of MDS2, with the MDS2 Upgrade.   
  • Software upgrade
  • Download (item 130650)
  • See included MDS2 content here.
  • This options does NOT include the $500 in content included with MDS2+.

Download MDS2 Upgrade ($19.95)

Learn more about your My Digital Studio options by clicking here.

September 25, 2012

Designer Rosettes 131525
Designer Rosettes #131525

Unknown Blessings 131311
Unknown Blessings Ensemble #131311 

Thats a Wrap Kit 132190That’s a Wrap Kit #132190

 Snowday Wood Cuts 131523

 Snowday Wood Cuts #131523

September 18, 2012
Ghostly Greetings Designer Series  #131310 Ghostly Greetings Designer Series  #131310

Timeless Taffeta Trimmings #131329

Timeless Taffeta Trimmings #131329

Sweet Peppermint Ensemble  #131524

Sweet Peppermint Ensemble  #131524

Make A Mitten Stamp Brush Set #131320

Make A Mitten Stamp Brush Set #131320

Homemade Happiness Framable #132192

Homemade Happiness Framable #132192